Loewen Windows & Doors

Loewen is the leading manufacturer of premium windows and doors for the luxury architectural market in North America and abroad. They are committed to producing handcrafted windows and doors from the highest quality authentic materials, earning them a reputation among industry professionals. What Loewen creates is more than a window.

Loewen Windows

Loewen Awning & Casement Windows

Loewen pushout and rotogear operating windows provide superior ventilation and easy operation. Casements shut tightly and provide one of the highest thermal performance ratings of any operating window style. Loewen makes six distinct styles of AW/CA windows, which are also available in specialty shapes. Each window can be specified for exterior, interior and hardware, making it the perfect fit for the style of your home.

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Loewen Picture & Specialty Shape Windows

Loewen’s Picture/Direct Set window is the definition of sleek design. These windows maximize views with minimal solid wood framework, resulting in a high-performing product with an unmatched aesthetic. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are the perfect complement to any style of architecture. Loewen utilizes a new design that increases energy efficiency while still allowing for the elimination of interior stops you can enjoy the view uninterrupted.

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Loewen Double Hung Windows

Opening from both the top and the bottom, Double Hung windows are proof that classic traditional looks never go out of style. Loewen’s Double Hung is designed to complement the depth and character of the traditional home while delivering the progressive performance it deserves. Features include authentic design and joinery, triple glazed options for improved energy efficiency and seamless operation due to the architecturally-correct design.

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Loewen Curtain Wall

One of Loewen’s more recent innovations is the Timber Curtain Wall. This system combines advanced European engineering and modern design. An exciting addition for the Architectural community, the curtain wall offers new design possibilities and expansive views. The contemporary vista offers slim sight lines and large glass, while never sacrificing performance. A curtain wall expands the home, lets more daylight in and enables the customer to feel at one with nature.

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Loewen Doors

Loewen Swinging Terrace Doors

No other hinged door can capture a view as impressive as a Loewen Terrace door, thanks to the expansive glass areas and sturdy all-wood construction. Their design flexibility allows customers to choose from a multitude of options, from single Terrace doors to double French doors, both of which are available in wide or narrow stile and in-swing or out-swing versions. In addition to customization, the Loewen Swinging Terrace Door also offers an elegant European-style multipoint lock system, standard stile and rail construction consisting of a thick skin of vertical grain Coastal Douglas Fir and proprietary aluminum storm and screen doors are carefully engineered to ensure maximum protection during storms.

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Loewen Sliding Patio Doors & MultiSlide

Loewen Sliding Patio doors can open up the walls in your home to new possibilities. For safety, security, and ease of operation, Loewen uses laminated sash construction, thick tempered safety glass and smooth tandem rollers. For added security, Loewen builds an anti-panel lift device into every patio door.

Loewen MultiSlide doors provide large dramatic openings for the transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces. With easy, smooth and incredibly quiet operation on stainless steel tracks, these high performing doors operate just as beautifully as they look. With 2¼” panels, these sleek doors are the perfect addition to a contemporary project.

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Loewen LiftSlide

The striking Loewen LiftSlide door provides a panoramic view while extending the living space of the home. Its expansive glass panels roll smoothly and easily allowing for seamless operation on “barely there” stainless steel tracks. With the slightest touch of a hand, the homeowner will never know that they are moving up to 1000 lbs of glass. It’s truly that effortless. Features include panels up to 7 ft wide or 12 ft high for maximum opening, options for retractable screens to be integrated and a multitude of configurations to allow for customization; pocketing, stacked, radius and corner units all available.

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Loewen BiFold Doors

Loewen BiFold doors consist of multiple panels that fold open, creating a large opening that makes for a stunning transition to the fresh air and spaciousness of outdoor living. Available in configurations of up to 16 panels (52 feet wide), Loewen’s BiFold doors use the same panels as their Terrace and French Doors, ensuring seamless continuity of aesthetics between product lines. Unique to this product, the weight of the door is carried at the head.

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